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Publishing and Book Promotion Courses – Blowout Sale

Udemy is an online learning hub with thousands of courses and millions of students. Starting today, it’s holding its Black Friday blowout sale, where you can get many courses that normally sell for hundreds of dollars for as low as $10. However, every 48 hours, the prices will go up by $1, until Black Friday.

I’ve been a student at Udemy for several years. I’m a learning junkie, so I’ve taken many courses, including courses on publishing and book promotion. Because anybody can upload a course, the quality varies widely. Udemy has been tightening up quality requirements and some of the courses available are fantastic. But there are still duds.

In this post, I’ve listed the courses I’d recommend. I’ve taken every course on the list. Note that I’m a Udemy affiliate, so the links are affiliate links.


Self-Publishing for Canadians: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my own course. It’s normally priced at $97, but you can get it today for $10. Even when the price increases, it’ll still be a steal. In the course, I include everything you need to know to publish a book. I haven’t left anything out, and students who’ve taken the course have gone on to publish books. If you’re Canadian and you’re interested in publishing a book, this is the course to buy. I go into material specific to Canadians. If you’re not Canadian, 90% of the course will still be applicable to you. The course is for fiction and non-fiction writers. Pick it up here.

Publish Your Book on Kindle: Cathy Presland has a few courses on Udemy, all of good quality. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to write and publish a non-fiction book. Presland covers everything from choosing a topic to promoting your book. When it comes to formatting and distribution, she only covers the Amazon KDP store, but once you know how to publish to Kindle, it’s easy to figure out how to publish to the other bookstores. The course normally sells for $199. Pick it up here.

How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon: This is similar to Presland’s course. Tom Corson-Knowles has published a ton of non-fiction and hosts a publishing podcast. He covers everything that Presland does, going deeper into some topics, and not so deep into others. If you’re interested in publishing non-fiction, check out the reviews and curriculums for both courses and buy the one that appeals to you the most, or buy both. They’re both on sale! This course normally sells for $297. Pick it up here.


Jane Bettany is a successful short story writer. She’s been earning a living selling her short stories for over twenty years. If you’re interested in writing short stories, either to self-publish or to submit for publication, pick up Bettany’s two courses.

Write Short Stories that Sell: In this course, Bettany covers all the elements of a short story, how to edit your story, and how to submit to editors. It’s a no fluff course packed with information. The course normally sells for $149. Pick it up here.

Write Stories with a Twist: Bettany covers how to write stories that have twist endings, which are popular with editors. The course normally sells for $149. I’d recommend taking her other course first, to get the basics of short story writing down. Since both courses are on sale, though, snag both. You can’t go wrong paying such a low price for two courses that would normally cost you $298 to take. Pick it up here.


30 Ways to Become an Empowered Artist: Being an author can be tough. In this course, Bob Baker offers tips about how to ride the ups and downs, and tackles some common mindset problems that plague creative types. The course normally sells for $99. Pick it up here.

Book Promotion

Goodreads for Authors: In this course, Cathy Presland teams up with Michelle Campbell-Scott to cover everything you need to know about Goodreads (including how not to piss people off!). If you’re interested in promoting your books on Goodreads in an effective way, this is the course for you. It normally sells for $59. Pick it up here.

Email Marketing for Authors: It’s a good idea to build a mailing list of your readers. In this course, Cathy Presland teams up with Michelle Campbell-Scott to teach you how to set up a list, entice people to join it, and build a relationship with your readers. The course normally sells for $87. Pick it up here.

There are many more writing, publishing, and book promotion courses on Udemy. These are the ones I recommend out of the ones I’ve taken, but I haven’t taken everything that’s available. Just about all Udemy courses are participating in the Black Friday blowout. You can grab courses that normally sell for hundreds of dollars for a pittance, on just about any subject.


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