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How to Follow a Facebook Post

I belong to quite a few Facebook writing and publishing groups, and I’ve noticed that people will often add a one-word comment to a post. What’s the one word? Following. I know why they do it. They want Facebook to notify them whenever someone comments on the post. Maybe the post asks a question and the followers would like to see all the answers because they’ve been wondering about the same thing. Or perhaps the post asks for recommendations, and the followers are curious to see what other people come up with.

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ll know that once you’ve commented on a post, Facebook will inform you when someone else comments. You’ll receive a So-and-so also commented on… notification. Adding a following comment means you won’t have to keep checking the post to see if anyone else has thrown in their two cents. But there’s a better way to have Facebook notify you about new comments.

When you want to follow a post, there’s no need to add a comment. Facebook has a feature that allows you to opt-in for notifications on a post.

Let’s say I want Facebook to notify me whenever someone comments on this post about a giant bunny that needs a home. Instead of adding a following comment, I’d go to the upper right of the post and click on the downward arrow.



Then I’d click Turn on notifications for this post. Voila! Facebook will now notify me when someone comments on the post.




You’ll also notice that you can click on Save link. I use this when I see an interesting post in my feed or in a group, but I don’t have time to read it. I’ll save the link, and then go back and read the article at my convenience.

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