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EBook Publishing: Introduction to Smashwords

Smashwords founder Mark Coker has created an Introduction to Smashwords slideshow, to get the word out to more authors. I sometimes come across authors who plan to self-publish eBooks but have never heard of Smashwords. My experience with Smashwords has been wonderful, so I’m always happy to tell others about it.

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Canadian author Sarah Ettritch writes science fiction, fantasy, and mystery books. She's also the author of Self-Publishing for Canadians, a comprehensive guide that teaches Canadians how to publish print and ebooks. Visit her at


  1. Sarah,
    I just have to say thank you again. I had never heard about Smashwords until I read about it here on your blog a couple of months ago. Between your information and Mark’s excellent guide to formating on Smashwords I was hooked…And within a couple of months I had uploaded 19 of my books…and then I waited and waited and was beginning to wonder if any of them would ever sell! Today I got the email that my first book had sold on Smashwords…and when I went to check my balance, I had almost $40 due me — turns out I’ve been selling books on Apple and Barnes and Noble recently (through Smashwords) and didn’t even realize it. Between that and 30 ebooks on Kindle this month alone, I think that things are finally starting to click!!!

    So, thank you again for a great blog and a great suggestion!!!

  2. I’m glad it’s working for you, Catherine! I hope you sell even more books in 2011. 🙂