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Formatting Word Files for Kindle

In my post about converting Word files to Kindle books, I didn’t go into detail about how to prepare your Word file if you plan to have Amazon DTP do the conversion. I upload MOBI files generated by eCub to Amazon, so I never have to worry about styling Word files.

Over at Self-Publishing 2.0, Morris Rosenthal has posted a bunch of handy tips that will help you prepare your Word file for Amazon’s conversion process, including:

  • using the start tag so that Kindle’s “Go to Beginning” item will work correctly
  • creating a linked Table of Contents
  • dealing with tables
  • handling external hyperlinks
  • guidelines for images

Self Publishing 2.0: Free Word to Kindle Conversion Through Amazon DTP

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  1. I’m about to give this a shot. I have a format for Kindle with Smashwords but I don’t have the official Kindle version available on Amazon yet (only paperback). I’ve been waiting for the Meatgrinder update and it is taking a bit longer than I anticipated. I think having your eBook available on Amazon is one of the best places to be for sure.

    Good info for the Kindle conversion:)

  2. Good luck with your Kindle book on Amazon! :) Don’t forget to opt out of Amazon distribution at Smashwords.